Install AsteriskNOW with ISDN (HFC) card

Configuring AsteriskNOW (Beta6) with ISDN card with HFC Cologne Chip.


Download ISO AsteriskNOW (Beta6)
Boot computer with cdrom
Follow installation instructions:
    reformat harddisc
    do express install
boot computer with AsteriskNOW

Configure Network device

start browser and point to ip of asteriskNOW box

log into asteriskNOW with password selected during install.
on right upper corner press system configuration
Attention!! Enter user: admin and password: password - then change the password for the system configuraation web interface!

Good to know: the default user admin is not root and doesn't have full root rights!

Now you'll be able to configure the asteriskNOW box using the web interface AsteriskGUI.
But you'll see that there is no channel misdn available, although you have inserted a pci isdn card with HFC chipset into the computer.
You'll have to do some further installations in the shell of the AsteriskNOW box (b.t.w. it's an rPath linux!).

For this it is usefull to have remote access over SSH. I use WinSCP and the builtin PuTTY client!
Log in as admin and first find the misdn-init tool. It's in /usr/sbin/misdn-init.

So first lets do a
    sudo /usr/sbin/misdn-init scan
and get an error that says modprobe not found!

So second lets find modprobe! Usually it's in "/sbin/modprobe"!
Lets append it to the path:

    export PATH=$PATH:/sbin

Doing "/usr/sbin/misdn-init scan" again will bring up the error message that there is not bc! Very strange!
So I searched in the asteriskNOW forum and found that one needs flex and bc and optional usbutils

So lets do what they say and start:

sudo conary update flex
sudo conary update bc
(I didn't do a Sudo conary update usbutils cause I use a pci isdn card!)

So again do a
    sudo /usr/sbin/misdn-init scan
and get a success message:
    [OK] found the following devices:
    [ii] run "/usr/sbin/misdn-init config" to store this information to /etc/misdn-init.conf

We run
    sudo /usr/sbin/misdn-init config
to do so!

Then we do a
    sudo /usr/sbin/misdn-init start
and receive
    Loading module(s) for your misdn-cards:
    /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install hfcpci protocol=0x2 layermask=0xf
    /sbin/modprobe mISDN_dsp debug=0x0 options=0 poll=128 dtmfthreshold=128

Well, last we'll have to write the appended PATH into our .bash_profile file, so that the system again can find the modprobe files after a reboot!
SSH with PutTTY again and do:
    cd /home/admin
    sudo vi
The profile file opens and now you'll have to modify it with vi! first press "i" to enter the insert mode! Then move to the end of the PATH line and enter: ":/sbin". Now press ESC to leave the insert mode and press":" to enter the ex-Mode. you'll see a ":" at the bootom of your file and here you can enter ":w .bash_profile" to write that file, or you enter ":q" to quit without saving.

That's the first part to get misdn running!
But how to get it start after each system boot?
How to check?
How to integrate it into the provider file?

I hope I can find this out!

UPDATE: Due to a very small community and very rare help for newbies, I aborted the tests with AsteriskNow and gave Trixbox a try! ... and I am much more pleased with it! See my experiences here ...